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Dear customer, we take your concerns very seriously and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We'd like to further assist you, but are unable to locate your account. Please email your contact information to Be sure to mention PC in the subject line. Thank you, -Luna Customer Care

The first time I dealt with Luna they screwed up on the carpet size and didn't provide the installers enough carpeting. I had to deal with the manager of Luna to get the installers back out the same day to do the install of 1 medium size bedroom approx 150 sft.

They came back out the same day and I love my carpet. I decided to go back with Luna on a smaller bedroom, hallway and stairs and I set up installation for 31 July and had to reschedule twice due to unforeseen circumstances. I was set up for today, and they called yesterday evening to tell me my carpet was on back order. How do you have scheduled installation, well in advance, and not have the material to do the job?

I cancelled immediately. They offered me a $50 discount but I declined as who knows when the installationl would actually take place when something is on back order. Lesson learned, they messed up the first time by not having enough carpet and then messed up again by not have the carpet at all. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER, DEAL WITH LUNA AGAIN!!!

As for EMPIRE, they are the same way...they are a sister company to LUNA and before Luna the first time, we had Empire whose installers never showed up and then kept the deposit because I cancelled when we waited all day and were continuously told installers would be there, but they never showed. Once we got Luna and learned they are a sister company, we got the deposit back. Neither of these companies are great. The carpet is nice and you might get a great price but it's horrible business practices and the company doesn't care one way or the other.

There are plenty of other companies out there who I'm sure will give you a decent price and less hassle! I honestly don't know how they stay in business.

User's recommendation: I can't recommend this company or Empire. They are unreliable.

Location: Arlington, Virginia

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