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Dear customer, this is not the experience that we wish for our customers. We apologize, and would like to follow up with you. Please email your account and contact information to, so we may provide further assistance. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, -Luna Customer Care

Had a sales guy, Brian, come up to price flooring for us. We wanted 2 bedrooms, an office, a hallway and living room to be laminated.

We clearly stated to him at that time that we were on a cement slab, no basement. We placed the order, put 1800 down deposit. Guys came up on the scheduled day. They first rudely insisted that they were doing the entire 800 square foot project in 1 day, we told them we were booked for 2 days, and they refused.

They looked around at our floors and said they were too wavy because it was a cement slab, and refused to do any work. They ripped parts of the carpet up and left it open and the tack strips exposed. They went dumpster diving in our dumpster and left. I called Luna and explained the situation.

After having a general contractor come out and look at slab, it was determined that laminate is not possible for our situation(unbeknownst to us). We decided to go with carpet. We scheduled to have it installed on a Friday. Friday comes and goes, no installers.

Keep in mind, we have cleared 3 rooms and 3 closets and its all stuffed in our living room and kitchen. Call Luna and they confirm that the appointment was scheduled for that day but the order never got transferred through to the installation department, so now we must wait until Monday. We spent hours on the phone trying to get someone to help us, even if someone just came out and did just our daughters room so we could set her bed up..... no.

So for a week now, we have been living in a hoarded living room, sleeping on the floor, can barely function. Very difficult to cook properly in kitchen or even find laundry because we cleared EVERYTHING out in anticipation of flooring installation, and stuff is just everywhere.

Now they say they will come up Monday.... this whole situation has been beyond frustrating and upsetting and I would definitely warn anyone considering Luna for their flooring needs to steer clear!

User's recommendation: STAY FAR AWAY!

Location: North Oxford, Massachusetts

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