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Sherman, we take your concerns seriously and sincerely apologize for your experience. We understand that your order has been cancelled and a refund has been processed. If you continue to have questions and/or concerns please contact us at Thank you, -Luna Customer Care

I signed a contract with Luna carpet to have laminate floors installed on Monday, August 17, 2020. I was told they would be installed oh the August, 18, 2020.

When the installers arrived on the 18th that morning the installers were rude to my wife and refused to answer her question after they told her they needed the remainder of the money($1900.00 when the contract was sign) $4007.00 before they could start the installation.

My wife told them she would not pay the balance until the work was completed. My wife then ask them if they were going to complete the job, and he said they only had enough flooring to do half the work. She asked them to call the company for an answer, and they refused. She called the sales person and he told her he would take care of everything.

I called Luna later that day to tell them I was not going to give the final payment until they completed the work, and she insisted we pay the balance before the install of course I refused. I told De that I wanted to cancel the contract and again she gave me the run around. Finally, she transferred me to accounting to cancel and I waited and waited and finally a voice recording came on and i left a message. This was 8/18/20 and I did not hear from Luna until 8/28/20.

I agreed to let them do the work on 8/24/20 and when they showed up to do part of the work they had the wrong flooring.

After trying to get in contact with De for about 30 minutes a recording came on again we finally reached someone that got in contact with De who finally called us back about 45 minutes later.

At that that time we told her to cancel our contract which we were within the time frame to cancel, but she still did not want to accept the fact we wanted to cancel the contract. After going in a circle about why we wanted to cancel she finally told us she would return the $1900.00 dollars to our account in 8-10 days.

The salesman did a great job he tried to help us 2 other times but after that everything went down hill.

Very unhappy family.

User's recommendation: I will never do business with Luna again.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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