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Dear customer, we take your concerns seriously and would like to know more. Please contact us at for further assistance.

We were supposed to have an install on Saturday. We received a text with the confirmation early Saturday morning which stated that the installers would arrive that morning.

Around 10:30 we got a phone call stating that they would be here between the hours of 11 and 2 - apparently that's what "morning" install means? We later received another phone call stating that they would be here by 2:15 and were promised the job would be finished that day. At 2:30 we called back to find out where they were - apparently there was a problem with the previous job and they wouldn't be able to come.

Long story short, spoke with a few "supervisors" who had no idea what was going on, told us our install would be the following Thursday - unacceptable seeing as our house is all torn apart waiting on the install. In the meantime, the installer called to say that he would be here Monday morning between 8 and 9.

Well, it's 9:30 on Monday, he's not here and that "supervisor" doesn't know what is going on.

I'm sorry but you're a flooring company who has been in business for many years. You know how long a job will take and I'm sure you build in buffers for the unforeseen circumstances.

This is unacceptable business practice.

Live and learn. Should have read the reviews.

User's recommendation: Look elsewhere.

Location: Chelmsford, Massachusetts

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