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BUYER BEWARE!! They include Haul away and take up of all current flooring however, their installer came out Took up a little bit of carpet in my closet and determined that I needed a subfloor.

I had already given the company a $2200 deposit. I asked the installer could he tear up all the flooring and see how much subfloor and where I need it. The installer told me no and that he needed the rest of the money upfront. I explain to him that I dont understand why he cant take up the floor to tell me how much I need.

He said he couldnt do it and left. I called my sales rep who took over 36 hours to get back to me. In the meantime I call Luna for different times. There is NO manager and NO supervisor that you can get a hold of.

It is strictly customer service and they dont know anything. when my sales person FINALLY calls me back he states that they dont owe me any money for those services not rendered. I then stated his own contract back to him which says Luna will repair and replace subfloor for an additional charge the sales rep had no idea of this clause. I said, how can you know how much subfloor I need without tearing up all the floors?

Your installer looked in my closet and then left! I had to hire my own carpenter, pay them for tearing up all the floors, hauling it away and laying subfloor. All three things that Luna, in their contract, said they would provide.

I disputed the charge on my credit card and I will be taking legal action. DO NOT USE THEM!!

User's recommendation: NEVER.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Luna Flooring Cons: Salesman, Carpet installation.

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